Newest NC library improvement revealed, karaoke stage to be built

Greta Markey, Managing Editor

LT has recently approved proposed renovations to the NC library that will hopefully make the library a more inviting area for students. Among these additions are a karaoke stage, a small movie theatre and the first man-made wormhole to the fifth dimension.

“We have found that by holding events in the library, more students are showing up,” Master Librarian Bookie Worm said. “These new amenities are going to make our library the talk of the school.”

This $1 million project was approved by administration because of increased attendance to the library after they held various events in the 2017-18 school year, Worm said. Studies on library capacity have revealed that during the Library’s Escape Room challenge, Olympics competition and Mario Kart Fridays, 200% more students checked into the library.

“Sure, to fund this project we will need to sell the majority of our books, but if more students are showing up to the library, it doesn’t really matter,” Junior Librarian Dewey Paperbeck said. “The library is a learning environment. Books or not, students are going to be learning.”

Through all of this new development, however, one rule will remain the same: no eating in the library.

“Food has never been, and never will be, tolerated within the walls of this library,” Worm said. “Even though we are now offering an ice cream bar next to the whitewater kayaking station, you will still be prohibited from eating it in our facility. What’s going to happen is you will get your ice cream, walk straight out of the library and eat it in one of our designated spaces.”

Paperbeck stresses that this new development is only the beginning for the future of LT’s NC library. Although plans to develop bungee jumping areas and sloth sanctuaries are not out of the picture, following through on these plans will require LT to cut into classroom space and educational budgets.

“Honestly, it all seems worth it to me,” Principal Breadcrumb Waterboi said. “School is supposed to be fun, and I know that the library’s number one goal is providing educational space for students. If they think dojos for the little-known sacred practice of Nguni stick fighting and a smaller-scale version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory will be beneficial to our students, then I’m all for it.”