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Fashion to raise money for domestic violence victims

Mary Devine, Reporter

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On April 15 at 11 a.m., Lyons Township will host a fashion show in the SC Performance Arts Center. Admission will cost $5, and the proceeds will be donated to the Constance Morris House for domestic violence awareness. The fashion classes at NC, along with many volunteering students have been preparing outfits and will be modeling for the show. Yadira Cisneros has been helping facilitate and organize this event throughout both campuses.

“I run the NHI club here and some of them will be models, some are going to take care of the music and scene, some will be doing the backstage,” Cisneros said. “We have about 40 models now and we put an announcement out at NC because we wanted to have a good amount of junior and senior girls.” 

Additionally, local businesses have helped by sponsoring the event, Cisneros said. In particular, the Hope Chest clothing store will be donating clothes for the fashion show.  

“The store operates like many retail businesses with certain operating costs such as rent, staff salaries and supplies,” shop manager Sally Kurfirst said. “Fortunately, since our merchandise is donated and we have many volunteers who help staff the store, we are able to cover those overhead costs and still be able to financially support the [Constance Morris House] and provide clothing to shelter residents.” 

The Hope Chest donates all extra revenue to the Constance Morris House for domestic violence awareness and to help the issue, Kurfirst said. By partnering with the Hope Chest, business sponsors, and gathering numerous volunteers, the fashion show will be able to fundraise and hopefully raise more awareness for the domestic violence issue. Cisneros decided to help with the event as she had experience already volunteering at a domestic shelter. 

“Some of the victims, [they are] like you and me, and I could have never pictured that that could happen to me,” Cisneros said. “It’s just making people aware and educating them about this big issue that we do have.”  

This is the second fashion show that LT has hosted this year partnered with Hope Chest. Overall, the fashion show will be an LT effort that has already seen success before.

“We feel that partnering with LT is a great way to raise awareness of domestic violence issues,” Kurfirst said. “Community involvement and interaction is a big part of what enables us to raise more money for the shelter and LT is a very important member of that community.” 

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Fashion to raise money for domestic violence victims