LT admin investigates reported threat


Lars Lonnroth, Assistant News Editor

Students at SC informed the LT administration on Feb. 21 of a potential threat regarding the school’s safety, Principal Brian Waterman said. The administration investigated the reports, but found them to be meritless. Waterman informed parents of the reports on Feb. 21 through an email. He made a general announcement via PA to the student body at the beginning of fourth period on Feb. 22.

The following is the text of Waterman’s Feb. 22 email to staff:

LTHS Faculty and Staff-

First, I want to acknowledge that it has been a difficult morning as all of you have worked to speak with and provide assurances to our students regarding the safety of our school environment.  Specifically, the level of concern is in response to multiple reports that were submitted via speak-up line and e-mail yesterday afternoon.  In order to provide more specific information, I will be announcing via PA the information contained in this e-mail.  The announcements will be made at NC (10:27a) and SC (10:57a).

Yesterday afternoon, we began receiving reports from students, particularly at SC, regarding concerns with school safety.  In the late afternoon,  a communication was sent to parents and staff providing general information about school safety and the process we use to investigate concerns.  As we have had the chance to investigate the concerns that were submitted throughout the late evening and early morning hours, it has been determined that the original concern, which was reported by a student, was based upon a conversation the student overheard between two individuals.  While the student initially reported the conversation as a threat, it has been determined through investigation and collaboration with police at this point in time, that no threat was made either verbally or through social media.  These are important facts for you to know as we work to keep everyone informed.

In the aftermath of last week’s shooting in Parkland, FL, our entire nation is operating on heightened sense of concern and we appreciate the continued communication between students, staff, and parents.  In an effort to re-inforce my message from last week, it is important that we as a community (students AND staff) continue to work WITH each other and include ALL 4,000 of our students in this effort.  Maintaining a safe learning environment has been, is, and always will be our highest priority.   We believe we have a safe environment and, of course if we felt otherwise, we would take immediate action to ensure the safety of all.

We will continue to keep everyone updated in the event that there is more information to share.

Most importantly, thank you for the compassion and understanding you bring to our school each day and have a great Thursday!