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Area receives new state senator

Lars Lonnroth, Assistant News Editor

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When state Sen. John Curran (R-Downers Grove) was informed July 22 that he would be appointed to replace former Senate minority leader Christine Radogno and serve the 41st District—including parts of the La Grange, Western Springs and Indian Head Park—it was only a matter of days before he cast his first vote in the state Senate.

His appointment transpired during the debate in Springfield over education funding in Illinois, when some schools were at risk of not opening due to funding from the state that was delayed due to the negotiations.

While it was not intended to occur the way it did, Curran was sworn into office on July 26, only four days after first being informed of his appointment.

“It was not intended to be that quick, however, there were sessions on the 26th on the education bill and I was needed in Springfield,” he said. “But before I would be available to take any kind of action, I had to be sworn in.”

Curran noted that—unlike the three-year budget impasse that ended this July, which he witnessed while serving as Vice Chairman of the DuPage County Board—the education bill saw most legislators finding a way “to rise above partisanship” in a way that benefited all of the state’s school districts.

“The citizens need to demand that the state government model itself after [the way we approached education funding],” Curran said. “We need to work in a bipartisan manner for the betterment of the entire state.”

Curran, 44, grew up in Evergreen Park and attended Brother Rice High School. He played football at University of Illinois where he also studied what would now be known as Technical Systems Management. Curran then procured his Juris Doctor and was hired as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County.

In describing his ideology, Curran put emphasis on efficiency in government.

“Government needs to be responsive to the citizens they represent, it needs to seek out and foster not only innovation but efficiencies and needs to provide high quality services at the lowest possible cost,” Curran said.

Christine Cook, chairwoman of the Lyons Township Republican Organization, was involved in the group that appointed Curran to replace Radogno, and noted his efforts at accomplishing those goals at the DuPage County Board. “We had a lot of great candidates. We interviewed every single ones of them. All of them would’ve been terrific advocates for the voters, but John has a lot of difference experience,” Cook said. “And for me, the most impressive thing was his humble personality and his experience over at the DuPage county board.”

Cook was also impressed by Curran’s efforts at the DuPage County Board to balance the budget, enact cost saving reforms and his willingness to engage with the community. She thought all of that experience made him stand out as “somebody that anyone in the community would want to representing their interests in Springfield.”

Curran wasn’t elected to the position and was instead selected by the party to fill the seat that Radgona vacated. Curran said he intends to seek election when his term ends.

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Area receives new state senator