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LT replaces sound systems

Grant Campbell

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A new sound system was installed in the NC Field House. The project occurred over the summer lasting from June and was finalized in the first week of August.  The new sound system will accommodate both day to day usage in gym class, as well as large events such as the all-school assembly.

“We [LT] haven’t upgraded the sound system in a long time,” Athletic Director John Grundke said. “We have noticed that the sound quality wasn’t great, and it effected large events LT hosted.  It gets difficult to hear when you have 4000 students during the all-school assembly.”

In addition to replacing the NC Field House sound system, LT also found problems with the sound system on Bennett Field. As a result, they fixed both sound systems over the summer.

“We packaged the sound system improvements together and got a cheaper deal,” Grundke said. “The improvements to Bennett field will allow performance groups to utilize their practices better with the new speakers.”

In total, the cost of replacing both sound systems was just under $20,000, Grundke said.

In addition to saving money by packaging the improvements, the new sound system at NC will save the school additional money, he said. In the past, LT has rented additional speakers for large events.  With the new sound system, additional speakers will not have to be rented.

In addition to financial benefit, the new sound system will be utilized in new ways, particularly in sports.

“One upgrade we are trying to implement is to have music playing during breaks and stoppages in sports events,” Grundke said.

The sound system in the NC Field House has always been utilized in large events, gym classes, as well as other daily activities. The new sound system will continue to be used the same amount, if not more with the proposed additions to sporting events.

“I don’t think the average person understands that the speakers are used 12 hours a day,” Grundke said. “Gym classes use it every period as well as sports after school. Even when we don’t have events, it’s still being used. I think that people undervalue the sound system at times.”

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LT replaces sound systems