Fake fire alarms students


Brandt Siegfried, Reporter

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, during 2nd period, the fire alarm was triggered on the East side of NC and the Vaughan Building, prompting an evacuation of all students.

The abnormal order to evacuate came around 10 a.m. over the PA system. Alarms on the West side of NC were not set off, and the alarm was not triggered due to human activity, NC Associate Principal Kevin Brown said. An unresponsive alarm pull station at the Vaughan Building caused a system failure and the subsequent alarm.

“Our system has a pre-alarm when something’s wrong,” Brown said. “Before it alarms, it tells you there’s a problem; this sensor isn’t answering. There’s [not] a fire but it’s not responding like it should.”

Building and Grounds staff received the warning, and were investigating a possible fire when the alarm was partially set off, Brown said. Units from the LaGrange Fire Department were dispatched to LT to clear the building, and several minutes later when no fire was found, students were allowed to return to class.