Parent University event at LT

Katie Palermo, Reporter

The 19th annual Parent University is Saturday, Jan. 30 at SC from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The Parent Community Network (PCN) has been sponsoring the educational event since 1998. Every year Parent University has between 12 and 20 speakers, and this year Dr. John Duffy Psy. D. and LT college coordinator Lianne Musser will be speaking. Geared towards parents of pre-school children and high school students, the topics range from anxiety to sibling rivalry.

Dr. Duffy is the keynote speaker and will be talking about managing both children and parental anxiety. He has worked with parents for about five years and has a book “The Available Parent.” Duffy hopes for parents to leave Parent University understanding their kids more. Since parents and their kids are born in different times, it is easy for actions to be lost in translation.

“I want to remind parents that they’re good at what they do,” Duffy said. “And to worry less and connect more with their kids, and that’s going to be the single thing they can do to help them parent effectively.”

Musser will be discussing the underlying belief that the college the student attends will determine their value and success in life. She also will be speaking about issues raised in Frank Brunis book, “Where You Go is not Who You Will Be”, which raises concerns about parents pushing their children towards Ivy League colleges when they aren’t the appropriate fit. Not every student should attend an Ivy League school, nor is an Ivy the best school for all students.

“It’s about finding the right college fit,” Musser said. “Which means parents and students need to look closely at a variety of schools and opportunities that are available that are a match for the student.”

Student assistance program coordinator, Jeanne Widing said many attendees of Parent University leave with the information they learned and follow-up with calls weeks, even two years later. It is an event to not only learn from professionals but also other members of the community.