Former LT student to launch app


Drew Cushing, Reporter

Dan Miklosz ‘13 has founded a new app, ComVey, which allows local businesses to connect with customers through surveys and messaging.  ComVey is a combination of the words “community” and “survey” and is an app that contains three main features. 

The first feature is image-based surveys, which allow a person to upload an image of, for example, a food item, and can ask a question such as ‘how much would you pay for this pizza?’  These surveys can be filtered to focus certain demographics and when a user completes a survey, they will then receive a $5 coupon, or something similar to that in value. 

“The users [of ComVey] will benefit tremendously,” Miklosz said. “They will be able to tell businesses what they like and what areas they need to work on.” 

The second part of the app is its messaging feature, which can allow a person to send out a message to a single person or to a whole population.  When a user receives a message they will earn five points, and with 20 points they can earn another gift such as the $5 coupon. 

“The businesses also benefit by hearing what their consumers really think,” Miklosz said.  “It is difficult to tell a business owner in person that you received poor service or that you think their store could be better.  So by using our app businesses can receive this critical feedback and become better.” 

The last main feature of ComVey is the loyalty program.  Stores that use ComVey can place a special ibeacon mat next to their registers that customers can tap their phones on when they visit the store.  When a customers taps their phone, ComVey will register that they have visited and the user can also take the latest survey of that business on ComVey and will also receive 5 points that gets counted along with the messaging points. 

Both of Miklosz’s grandfathers started their own companies and were able to build on that through their own intellect and willpower, Miklosz said.   

“This path, of building something from nothing, is one that I always knew I would take,” Miklosz said.   

Miklosz, currently a student at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), plans to graduate and then lead ComVey full time in the future.  Although not currently working on other apps, he has had thoughts of other concepts to pursue in the future. 

“My goal is to improve my community and have a full time job out of college.  For me finding a way to help link business owners and their community is much more than a business prospect, it’s about giving back to the community,” Miklosz said.   

The ComVey app will be available for Beta Testing on the Apple App Store on Nov. 21.