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Internet anxiety

Christina Rossetti, Photo Editor

January 26, 2018

Just recently, I was watching television with my parents, when I looked down at my phone. Then I heard an NBC story about cell phones. “Christina,” my dad said, “I think this might be really important, so pay attention.” I rolled my eyes, like most teenagers do when a parent tells them to...

Politics belongs to politicians

Politics belongs to politicians

Camilla Breen, Assistant Photo Editor

January 12, 2018

In recent months, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of celebrities talking about politics. I, for one, am all for it--I love the idea of stars using their platforms to speak out for what they believe, and the concept lends itself to an important principle of free speech in our society....

Spiro Kass responds to criticism

Spiro Kass, Editor-in-chief

October 31, 2017

After the distribution of the Sept. 22 issue featuring my profile on Nick Fuentes, I was well aware that my profile would stir discussion, one of the major reasons why I chose to write the article in the first place. Since the distribution, I have kept updated with all local complaints surrounding the int...

Climate consideration

Greta Markey, Managing Editor of Print Content

October 31, 2017

I grew up in an environmentally conscious home. In middle school, instead of following the “Twilight” sagas, I would stay up late and watch documentaries about fracking and garbage island with my mom. I learned from a young age that many human activities have a major impact on our natural world;...

Embrace your culture

Spiro Kass, Editor-in-Chief

September 22, 2017

Whether it was the turquoise-blue ocean illuminated by the bright sun, the tall, evergreen mountains that outlined the horizon, or simply the overwhelming sense of being at home, my trip to Greece this past summer was filled with experiences and emotions that allowed me to have the time of my life. ...

’13 Reasons Why,’ welcome to your tape

Tim Mikulski, Art Director

May 25, 2017

Because you are reading this high school newspaper, I can safely assume that you spend a good deal of time around teenagers. If that assumption is true, I can even more safely assume that you have heard about “13 Reasons Why”, the recent Netflix mini-series of Jay Asher’s novel telling the stor...

Philosophy II: An Ode to JV

Phil Smith, Editor in Chief

March 2, 2017

Baseball in 2012. Girls Gymnastics in 2014. Boys Water Polo in 2012 and 2015. Stephanie Lin’s three badminton titles in a row, and, of course, Boys Swimming and Diving in 2016. In my four years at LT, I have witnessed varsity athletes do some amazing things. This column isn’t about any of them....

‘Hello Internet’s’ vinyl podcast misses its mark

Lars Lonnroth, Freelance reporter

February 24, 2017

When I heard that the podcast “Hello Internet,” hosted by education youtubers CPG Grey and Brady Haran, were releasing a podcast printed exclusively on vinyl, I was gripped by the novelty, the irony, and the notion of a podcast pressed onto a physical object. The notion ricocheted around my head ...

Studying pays off

Maddy Cohen, Assistant Pulse editor

January 27, 2017

Getting a college degree is no longer an option, it's a necessity. However, as more students feel forced to continue their education after high school, the price has increased exponentially. No matter how often you work or the amount of jobs you have, college costs seem unattainable to any student...

Why finals?

Why finals?

Sarah Grier, Assistant online/ social media editor

December 19, 2016

After a semesters work of homework, tests and quizzes, I look on Infinite Campus at my four borderline grades trying to decide which to exempt. The fact that any of my grades could drop because of one test is baffling. The final exam policy at LT needs to be redesigned in order to account for the work...

A Tribe Called Quest album review

A Tribe Called Quest album review

Frederick Moody

December 9, 2016

Eighteen years ago Bill Clinton was President, the iMac just came out, Titanic set a box-office record at the theaters, Windows 98 was unveiled, and ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ released their album “The Love Movement”—thought to be their last. At least that’s what the music world concluded un...

Human first, fame second

Human first, fame second

Juliana Halpin, Managing editor of online content/social media content

December 1, 2016

Look at any issue of People magazine or US Weekly, turn on your TV, check Twitter or Facebook, or look just about anywhere and you're almost certain to find a celebrity's name in the headlines. The sad part is, a vast majority of these articles, stories and commentary are negative. Whether it's Kim K's...

Mr. President, act on DAPL now

Mr. President, act on DAPL now

Patrick Atkinson

November 22, 2016

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an oil pipeline being built from Three Forks, North Dakota to Pakota, Illinois, according to Energy Transfer Partners (the company constructing the pipeline).It transfers crude oil, a dirty substance that when burned contributes to the destruction of the Earth, and the pipeli...

Old tradition that holds purpose

Old tradition that holds purpose

Danny Kilrea, Copy editor

November 11, 2016

Now that Donald J. Trump is elected and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been defeated, there will be lots of negative talk about the electoral college. The electoral college is a body of people from each state that formally elect the President based off the popular vote from their state. There are ...

Political opinions are all valid

Political opinions are all valid

Danny Kilrea, Copy editior

November 10, 2016

A recent value our country has believed in is not shaming overweight people for how they look. Whether you believe in this notion or not, I have noticed that the same people that are against body shaming typically tend to shame people for their political beliefs.  Let’s call this “mind shaming”...

Today’s assignment: Kindness

Hallie Coleman

October 27, 2016

Although we LT students are blessed to go to a school with endless opportunities and such brilliant students, I believe this is also one of the hardest parts of attending LT. Students are so focused on ACT scores and GPAs that along the way we forget how to be kind to one another. I have deeply struggled...

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