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Letter to the editor Josh Leak ‘17

Josh Leak

October 27, 2016

Growing up, I had some of the best examples of Black Men to look up to. My Uncle Garry, the educated, smart, caring pastor who instilled in me the importance of sacrifice. He taught me how a Black Man should stand tall and walk. His son Scottie, the brave, smart, talented teacher who taught me that love...

Value Veganism

Sheridan Spiess, Pulse Editor

September 23, 2016

Every second, 3,000 animals are killed in the U.S. Factory farm raised chickens suffer from overcrowding, 80 percent of U.S. pigs suffer from ammonia exposure and 900 million animals that are raised to be eaten die prematurely from disease, handling, transportation and other factors. This is the reality...

Join the Fight

Join the Fight

Hallie Coleman, Reporter

April 29, 2016

Today 1,500 people will die, and tomorrow another 1,500. Every day is a tragedy.  Because everyday 1,500 people die from cancer in the U.S. alone.  Cancer is merciless.  Cancer does not discriminate.  Cancer is everywhere.  Today a child lost his mom to cancer.  Today a woman lost her husband to...

Christmas fun…

MelRose Buckler, News Editor

December 1, 2015

It’s Sunday, Dec. 20 and your younger siblings are outside playing in the snow, laughing with friends and drinking hot chocolate; your older siblings are home from college, sleeping till noon and watching Netflix all day—and you're cooped up in your room trying to memorize 500 vocab words. Your h...

Surreal socializing

Céilí Doyle, News Editor

November 30, 2015

Snapchat. Texting. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Social media is utilized anywhere and everywhere on any given day, most commonly and excessively, by members of Generation Z. We are bombarded by a constant barrage of notifications and our smart phones have become an additional appendage. Social media...

High School Shouldn’t Fit in an Instagram Collage

Claire Mikulski, Online Editor

May 18, 2015

I have some news that may upset some of you. I’m here to tell you that the High School Experience was introduced many years ago by a heartless marketing team with the sole intent of making teenagers feel insecure enough to spend obscene amounts of money on goods and services. In short, the High School...

Farewell Column by Joe Rossetti

Joe Rossetti, Sports Editor

May 18, 2015

There’s a common understanding that high school is supposed to be a big transition for young teenagers and serve as a foundation for who one will become in life, and honestly, I think that’s true. So this column goes out to those of you who have some time left to continue, some time left to cherish. Figure...

Minding the gap

Annika Raniginani, Managing Editor

April 13, 2015

Scrolling through the scholarships on Naviance, it seems like there are millions of options. However, a lot of that aid is conditional on being a graduating senior and enrolling in college the next year. For many students, this could present a significant financial barrier to partaking in a gap year. LT...

This one’s for the tall girls

Mary Hadley, Social Media Editor

March 16, 2015

I am a pretty opinionated person and when I know something is unfair or not right I will not back down without a fight. Today has been the fifth day in a row at school that it was nice out. The snow is almost completely melted, the windows are finally remaining open in classrooms, and the heavy winter...

No joking matter

Michael Rasmussen, Website Editor

March 4, 2015

How soft are we? To many of our nation’s outspoken older folks, we millennials are softer than a batch of freshly-baked cinnamon buns –a bunch of latte-drinking, self-obsessing, starry-eyed philosophizing, entitled wussies (Isn’t that what each generation says about its predecessor?). But here’s...

Blame game

Blame game

Joe Okkema, News Editor

January 27, 2015

As we begin the monotonous grind of another second semester at LT and students get acclimated to new students and new classrooms, it’s hard for me not to harp on those students who feel academically victimized by their teachers. Everybody knows someone who is rather vocal about how it is their teacher’s...

Under Pressure

Credit: woodleywonderworks

Abby King, Reporter

December 15, 2014

Student athletes are held to unbelievably high standards. Coaches and teammates idolize athletes that endure injury yet still compete at a high level. The problem that has arisen is drawing the fine line between “sucking it up for the team,” and the preserving the athlete’s mental and physical...

Better left in private

Better left in private

Riley Carroll, Art Director

October 20, 2014

Sex. If I tried to print this one word a couple of decades ago people would have viewed it as untasteful and simply unacceptable, but now it's a word that is constantly sprinkled throughout the media, pulling audiences in, rather than turning them away. This shift in leniency is a shift in the wrong...

Academic Epidemic

Garrett Ariana, Opinions

October 16, 2014

Fast-forward 50 years. Taking a glimpse back at your high school days, what runs through your head? That one time you studied so hard for your calc test? When you made those 50 flashcards and got an 88 on that vocab quiz? No, of course not. You’ll remember prom, Friday night football games and the...

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