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Equality—that’s literally all we’re asking for

Equality—that's literally all we're asking for

Maggie Kahn, Sports Co-Editor

April 15, 2020

While trapped in quarantine, my two best guy friends and I were Facetiming when we stumbled upon a very emotional, heated topic: feminism.  I wouldn’t describe myself as an extreme liberal when it comes to my political views, but the stigma this term carries makes my blood boil.  When I aske...

Girls water polo continues to develop skills despite conditions

LT girls water polo  (Riordan/LION).

Lillie George, reporter

April 15, 2020

Without a pool to train in or her teammates to count on, Abby Guerra ‘21, along with many other LT girls water polo players, persists through the disappointment of a season suspension and the isolation of quarantine by getting into an at-home workout routine. Guerra and her coaches hope this will k...

The Bachelor season 24 disappoints fans

The Bachelor Season 24 poster

Brianna Fonseca, reporter

April 14, 2020

I started to watch “The Bachelor” when I was about 12 years old, and I was immediately hooked on the intentional drama the producers had created. The show offers a very interesting perspective to viewers and shows the step-by-step process of how two people fall in love. Each season revolves around...

My new normal

To do list (courtesy of creative commons).

Liz Gremer and Isabella Sorice

April 13, 2020

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our website, you would have seen that a lot of people are offering up their mindset and feelings about coronavirus. I have to say, I agree with everything my peers have said. From the importance of keeping distance to the sadness surrounding the cancellations...

‘The Platform’ leaves audience in suspense

'The Platform' poster

Dani Almase, Pulse Co-Editor

April 9, 2020

Sick. That was the feeling I felt after watching the movie, “The Platform.’ I felt a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. The movie’s compelling influence left me in suspense with chills over my body that made me want to watch more of director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s eerie production. “The Pla...

New app available for LION newspaper readers

The Source app promotional photo (courtesy of SNO).

Nicole Klein, website editor

April 8, 2020

The app allows readers to subscribe to the LION newspaper and receive notifications when stories are posted online so you can stay up to date on all the latest news. Readers can save articles for future reading and comment on stories, as well as subscribe to specific content--such as opinion writing--...

Senior assassin postponed

Senior assassin postponed

Anna McCormick, News Co-Editor

April 8, 2020

Though Senior Assassin is currently postponed, Henry Stenner ‘20 is taking this time off to improve his game play methods and anticipates an arrival back to school where he can utilize his skills in hopes of winning the Senior Assassin title.  “I’m most looking forward to continuing my assassin journey ...

Girls lacrosse in limbo

Elise Husemann '20 and teammate play against Wheaten-Warrenville South (courtesy of Husemann).

Max Dike, reporter

April 6, 2020

Despite just being in her first year at LT, Amanda Hahn ‘23 was thrilled for her first season on the varsity girls lacrosse team and looked forward to bringing a fun, positive energy to the team, she said. “I love playing lacrosse,” Hahn said. “I have the most fun playing when everyone ar...

6 feet—I mean it

Maggie Kahn, Sports Editor

April 6, 2020

As the outbreak of the coronavirus slowly made its way to Lyons Township High School, many people did not fully understand its impact. At first COVID-19 seemed like some faraway myth based in China, nowhere near our perfect little bubble of serenity and normalcy.  But when Principal Brian Waterman announced ...

Virtual spirit week created in the midst of a pandemic

Virtual Spirit Week (courtesy of lthswaterman Instagram).

Charlotte McLaughlin, reporter

April 3, 2020

During an unprecedented time of great disconnect, LT decided to create its own online spirit week for the week of March 30. The daily themes were Moshpit Monday, Tag Tuesday, Wash Your Hands Wednesday, Throwing Thursday, and Film Friday, according to the @lthswaterman Instagram page. “School spirit...

Local restaurants to order from during COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order (Buzzfeed quiz)

Breakfast made into a smiley face (courtesy of Health Beat).

Diane Makovic and Nicole Klein

April 3, 2020

Now more than ever, local businesses need our support to stay open. Carrying out or buying gift cards are a great way to help. Below is a list of four local LaGrange and Western Springs area restaurants that have delivery, carryout or curbside pickup during Illinois’ Stay-at-Home order. Take our B...

Social Distancing Book Club

Sophia Schultz '21 reads one of the book in her social distancing book club.

Sophia Schultz, reporter

April 2, 2020

As the world struggles through this strange time in history, we are left with only technology and our creativity to stay social. Although I do like to Facetime and Zoom with my friends, I wanted to think of something extra special to bring my friends and I together during this crazy time. I thought...

Mental and physical health treatments should be more connected

Nicole Klein, Website Editor

April 1, 2020

Since you can’t get blood drawn at a therapist's office and can’t talk about your personal feelings for an hour with your doctor, I used to think that mental and physical health were separate and treatment should be separate as well. However, there are many pieces of evidence that mental and physical...

Words of Wisdom

Tessa Voytovich, News Co-Editor

March 31, 2020

As the end of my high school experience quickly approaches, I often find myself reflecting on the mistakes and good choices I have made in my life since 2016. The four years I’ve spent at LT have not necessarily changed me, but definitely taught me some useful knowledge. I don’t have a younger sibling...

Boys volleyball stays active

Right-side hitter Miki Dubak ‘20 jumps for the spike against Leyden High School in the NC fieldhouse on May 2, 2019.

Maggie Kahn, Sports Editor

March 31, 2020

Just as the boys volleyball team finished making final cuts during tryout week, LT cancelled all after school activities and eventually school as a whole until April 8, tentatively. With this unexpected disruption to the start of the season, head varsity coach Brad Skendzel hopes to keep the boys in shape...

Reality for the Class of 2020

Mia Bonfiglio, Pulse Co-Editor

March 30, 2020

When I started writing this column about two weeks ago, I was writing about a completely different topic, but now I can’t even imagine writing about anything except the virus that took our country by storm just a mere week ago. If you would have told me two weeks ago that in seven days, my whole life...

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