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Pies by Fasano satisfies sweet tooth

Spiro Kass, Editor-in-Chief

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Within the heart of downtown LaGrange among the hustle and bustle of LaGrange Road, Pies by Fasano (74 S. LaGrange Rd.) may be easy to miss. However, the bakery’s quality pies and service definitely makes it a destination worth visiting.

While approaching the store, I immediately received a family-owned vibe from its outside appearance. Along the windows were handwritten signs announcing “Yes, we’re open” and “Hot coffee” for pedestrians to see as they walk past, effectively enticing them to enter the store. The interior of the bakery was small, but served its purpose. I was not expecting a large open area with multiple tables, and the confined space offered a snug, comforting sense that made my experience more enjoyable.

When looking through the selection of pies, I was extremely excited to see the vast amount of options they had to offer, consisting of fruit, cream, and junior (single-serving) pies. After what seemed like an hour of contemplation, I decided to try the blueberry and apple junior pies (both $2.99), along with a regular hot coffee ($1.99). Immediately after the employee handed me the pies, the smell completely took control over my senses.

Once I found a seat at the table, I decided to try the apple pie first. After tasting the first bite, I was instantly satisfied; the crust, apples, and sweetness were perfectly combined to emulate the classic, delicious apple pie taste. I had to remind myself not to eat the entire pie in order to save room to taste the next one, but the taste was so tantalizing that I almost could not resist.

After finally moving on to the blueberry pie, I was satisfied after the first bite but was expecting a little more flavor. Blueberry is my favorite pie flavor, therefore I am very picky when it comes down to the taste. I appreciated how the thick crust effectively cut the sugar from the sweet, blueberry compost inside, but I almost felt as if it cut it too much. I definitely would not say that the blueberry pie was bland, but I believe it could have been a little more sweet. The pie was definitely better than most pies I have eaten in the past, but I was expecting the pie to be spectacular due to the bakery’s renowned status and critically-acclaimed pies.

The coffee definitely fulfilled its role in accompanying the pie tasting. I didn’t expect for the store to sell a delicious, expensive blended roast; it was regular drip coffee that had a great, modest taste and served as a good combination with the pie.

Overall, I had a very good experience at Pies by Fasano. The pies are definitely worth the price, and the ambiance of the bakery was pleasant and welcoming. The apple pie was one of the best tasting pies I’ve ever had, while the blueberry, on the other hand, was great but less than what I expected. Due to its quaint setting, quality service and almost perfect pie taste, Pies by Fasano deserves four out of five paws.

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Pies by Fasano satisfies sweet tooth