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Oak Brook opens theater, new amenities impress

Sheridan Spiess, Pulse editor

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When I walked through Oak Brook Mall (600 Oak Brook Center, Oak Brook) and began to approach the new food court and movie theater area of the mall called “The District,” the new AMC 12 movie theater immediately caught my eye.  Located in the center of “The District,” its clean white walls, tall exterior and bright red letters pleased the eye.

As I entered the movie theater, I approached the ticket counter to scan in my ticket I ordered online. An adult matinee ticket cost $5.69 while a regular adult ticket cost $11.29. In addition to the ticket price, there is a $3 convenience fee for online orders. If you want to avoid the convenience fee, make sure to arrive early in order to receive a good seat. There are ticket kiosks at the ticket counter which you use to choose which seat you want while purchasing your ticket, or you simply have the worker scan the QR code from the emailed receipt for online purchases.

After obtaining my ticket, I entered the concessions area. It was a bit confusing because, unlike other theaters, you get some of your own food while the rest is made upon order. Even while sitting out, the popcorn was kept warm by the heated shelves it was placed on. In the checkout line, you buy your drink and fill it yourself. This process was confusing, with a lack of signs or instructions to direct you to what to do, but it was a lot faster than other theaters when you get your own food. A large popcorn cost $8.49, candy cost $3.99 and a medium ICEE cost $5.69.

When I walked into the theater, I followed the rows labeled by letter and found my seat, labeled by number. Being used to typical movie theaters, like the Quarry, I was amazed by the comfort and size of the seat. The theater’s seats were comfortable with individual armrests on each side. There was a button on the side to recline the seat, creating the most comfortable movie watching experience. The theater was clean and comfortable with minimal light as the movie began.

Despite the confusion of the concessions area of the movie theater, I was pleased by the assigned seats, warm popcorn, and the clean and comfortable theater. The employees were friendly and helpful, creating a welcoming experience. Bottom line: If you’re looking to upgrade your movie watching experience, try AMC Theater 12 for comfort that beats the rest. ⅘ paws

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The voice of Lyons Township students for more than 100 years
Oak Brook opens theater, new amenities impress