La Grange welcomes new Asian fusion cuisine


Isabel Tuisl, Social Media Manager, Website co-editor

When eyeing the new downtown La Grange Asian fusion “Forbidden Noodles” restaurant from the outside, I expected it to be authentic, modern and lively. It was definitely modernized — granite countertops, some contemporary art pieces on the walls and beautiful wooden accents along the ceiling created a trendy space.

In spite of these favorable elements, I was hoping for a cozier feel to the eatery. With fall and winter coming up, it would be a welcoming and convenient space to have a comfortable place to sit down and eat a hot bowl of noodles, especially in such close proximity to the hub of downtown La Grange at 50 S. La Grange Rd., Ste A. My surroundings seemed unfriendly and rushed. It just did not seem like the type of restaurant where my friends and I could sit back and enjoy a nice, relaxed meal. The walls were also uncomfortably bare aside from a few paintings, causing an awkward ambience for me.

However, the waiters and employees were extremely patient, helpful, and kind. They even recommended their favorite menu options when I was ordering, such as the pork tonkotsu. At the table next to me, there was a family eating lunch; it concerned me that the young girls were staring at the TV above me, considering there was a Fortnite livestream with shooting being displayed, which was out of context for the setting.

Despite the atmosphere, the food was appetizing and satisfying. I had the chicken miso for $9.99. Overall, the menu’s pricing is pretty fair for all ages. The bowl of soup was not your typical miso — it was a larger bowl filled with a variety of ingredients, which were all unfamiliar but enjoyable. The center of the soup – the broth – was the best part. It had the most flavor of all the ingredients, and worked well with the toppings to balance out the meal. My entreé came with a very large spoon, almost close to a ladle. I opted for a smaller spoon and chopsticks that were offered on the counter.

By means of the general environment, I would advise take-out decision over sitting down at the restaurant to eat. The food was exceptional enough in which I would go back for that, but that only. I rate Forbidden Noodles 3/5 paws.