Glass Animals produce “How To Be A Human Being”


Mac Most, Freelance Reporter

Glass Animals were able to grab a lot of people’s attention with their third album, “How To Be A Human Being” (released in 2016). This English four man group has been able to increase their popularity alongside other electronic indie bands like Alt-J, Vampire Weekend and Portugal. Lead singer Dave Bayley is able to tell fantastic stories, amid a series of whimsical yet mysterious sounds. They are able to establish a strong backbone to the song with some great percussion, but most of the character of the songs comes from their guitars and synth machines. This most recent album lends itself to dance, much more than their 2014 album, “Zaba.” This colorful album is a great one to play on a lazy sunny day, with tracks like “The Other Side of Paradise” and “Pork Soda,” which have a vibrant mix of melodies. The third track “Season 2 Episode 3,” my personal favorite, navigates the listener through the day of a laid back girl. The lyrics give you a tour of her mind, showing you the genius of using a “cookie as a coaster” or the laziness of eating “mayonnaise from a jar,” which is just another unique detail Glass Animals included. The rest of the album, which received less attention than the hits, does not disappoint. Songs like “Agnes” and “Life Itself” help keep the album stay focused and keep the listener interested. If I had to give “How to Be A Human Being” a rating out of ten, it would get a 7.5 out of 10.

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