Code Red

Izy Scott, Assistant Pulse Editor

Freshman are not expected to know the implied social rules of high school at first, but any LT Lion is expected to know the undisclosed laws of the LT dress code, including the prohibition of wearing a Hinsdale Central shirt within the realms of the gold and blue temple.

On April 9 a freshman was told jokingly by multiple students and faculty to change the Hinsdale Central shirt he was wearing, until real complaints forced a security guard to officially dress code him.

“I didn’t mean to cause such a controversy when I coded him,” the security guard said. “But I didn’t have time to deal with the flood of complaints from kids in the lunch room when he sat down in his Hinsdale shirt. I had rogue courtyard geese to tame.”

The security guard recalls the freshman cooperating with his request to go change into one of the many gym uniforms stacked behind the AP Office’s desk. The culprit is currently staying home from a case of minor embarrassment and unwilling to speak with the press, but others are speaking out against the misconduct.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” a varsity football player’s mom said. “How could a student jeopardize the karma of his own school? Especially when football pre-pre-season is just days away. Our boys can’t afford any Red Devil jinxing.”

Along with the unwritten rules of “No Sperry’s unless you’re frat,” “No heels (unless they look fire)” and “Let’s keep the cleavage to a minimum,” it struck the LT community that above all “No HC gear. Ever.” was violated.

 Principal Waterboy was heavily involved in the conflict, as well.

“It seemed a harsh repercussion for someone that simply didn’t know the rule,” Waterboy said. “But I can assure that it will be made clear no HC apparel will be tolerated at LT, especially before sporting events against the Devils. I don’t hand out LT spirit wristbands for nothing.”