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Body image is (also) for boys

Body image is (also) for boys

Hayden Claesson, Sports Editor

October 29, 2018

Whenever people think of the body positivity movement, their minds tend to drift to one of several places; whether it is Ashley Graham-the plus-sized cover model of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition in 2016; the denouncing of supermodels and the unfair expectations they put on girls; even the ...

People of LT

Camilla Breen, Pulse editor

October 29, 2018

Joe Schuler ‘19: Fishing “Fishing is really boring. But I do it because it’s the one hobby I find truly relaxing. Sitting on the boat, just hearing the sounds of the birds and the water, and hanging out with my dad and grandpa (who I don’t get to see very much) is really relaxing. I mean you fish ...

New Mayan kitchen adds twist to basic tacos

Mia Bonfiglio, Reporter

October 25, 2018

Mexican food is one of my favorites, so when I heard about a new taco place, I was very intrigued. However, the last thing that came to mind was eating grasshoppers. The new Mayan kitchen Taco Bout It, located at 8819 Ogden Ave in Brookfield, offers a unique selection of adventurous tacos. The restaurant...

LION Playlist: What we’re listening to

Camilla Breen and Pilar Valdes

October 22, 2018

As we expand our multimedia presence, we thought it would be incomplete without a Spotify to let you in on exactly what we love to listen to! Here are some of our top picks: 1.) Shrike by Hozier 2.) Silver Lining by Mt. Joy 3.) Drunk on Halloween by Wallows 4.) All I Want Is You by Barry...

Q and A with Kris Costopoulos

Camilla Breen, Pulse co-editor

October 2, 2018

How have you seen vaping increase at LT? “There has been a 263% increase, measured by consequences of students that were caught. Now ‘caught’ is probably just a drop in the ocean compared to everything that's going on. It’s heavier at SC, and there’s been a substantial increase.” “And these are just t...

Student’s environmental activism results in appearance on radio

Lars Lonnroth, Managing Editor of Breaking News and Multimedia Content

September 30, 2018

Over the past summer, Desa Bolger ‘19 began looking up at the sky—but not just for herself. She was doing it for the greater good. Bolger, with her interests in communication and environmental science, got involved with the local environmentalist organization the Sky Day Project, running some...

Juul targets teens

Pilar Valdes, Art Director

September 27, 2018

I’m not even going to bother starting this article off by explaining what a JUUL is. This is a high school newspaper, with high school readers; you know what a JUUL is. That’s what's so worrisome about the phenomenon that is juuling; it’s not always used by adult smokers who are trying to quit...

Aodake adds new, tasty option in DTLG

Liz Gremer, Reporter

September 27, 2018

Over the summer, Aodake opened its doors at 21 W. Calendar Ave., becoming one of two new ramen restaurants in DTLG. Offering a wide range of Asian fusion dishes, it has the potential to become a new option for students because of its affordable prices and tasty food. Located alongside Thippi Thai,...

Danger behind the clouds

Grace DeKoker, Editor-in-Chief

September 27, 2018

Teenagers have been taught since childhood knows that cigarettes are a leading cause of lung cancer. The tobacco, tar, and noxious chemicals combined with nicotine creates a highly addictive stimulant that can cause lifelong damage. A popular alternative to smoking that has been on the rise is the use...

Pilar’s playlists edition 6

Pilar Valdes, Assistant Pulse Editor

April 29, 2018

Hello!! I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful sunshine and good weather! I hope you enjoyed “LET ME LOVE YOU,” this week’s playlist is called “strong female leads.” Aptly titled because every song features a female lead. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a feminist. A proud feminist, ac...

LT alumna releases first single

Georgia Dougherty, Business Manager

April 24, 2018

LT alumna Josie Dunne woke up March 10 and checked her phone. Then, she started screaming. “Kelly Clarkson tweeted out, ‘loving @josiedunnemusic right now!’” Dunne said. “It was the first thing I woke up to and I screamed for 10 minutes straight. People that I’ve always looked up to wil...

Careers in gaming

Camilla Breen, Assistant Photo Editor

April 24, 2018

Video games have been a staple of modern media for many years, and show no signs of becoming less popular. It may seem simple to create a video game, but there is much more that goes into it. Below is just a fraction of careers available in the video game industry. 1. Game animator Animators create...

Pilar’s playlists edition 5

Pilar Valdes, Assistant Pulse Editor

April 16, 2018

Sorry about the brief hiatus. If you don’t like Taylor Swift, I’m sure these past three weeks have been somewhat painful for you. But alas, here I am. This week’s playlist is called “LET ME LOVE YOU” because obviously screaming at someone to let you love them and then making a playlist about them is the best way to earn their affection. Not at al...

LT student aims to help others with blog

LT student aims to help others with blog

Isabel Tuisl, Reporter

April 13, 2018

Being a teenager in high school is difficult enough alone. The addition of mental illness can further complicate schoolwork and social situations for those students. Skyla Stillo ‘19 understands this more than anyone, because she has been in that position before. In fact, she is in this position ri...

Fortnite hype

Sarah Grier, Pulse Editor

April 13, 2018

If you somehow do not know what Fortnite is, the simplest thing I could compare it to is “The Hunger Games.” In Fortnite Battle Royale, 100 individual players are dropped into the map and fight to the death. The map consistently shrinks from a storm into smaller and smaller zones to force the...

Pilar’s playlists edition 4

Pilar Valdes, Assistant Pulse Editor

March 18, 2018

Sorry that this isn’t being posted at its usual time; tragic, I know. Well, I hope you enjoyed last week’s playlist “sixteen and thriving.” Now that we’ve been at this for a few weeks, you may have noticed a recurrent theme on all of my playlists: Taylor Swift. Anyone that has ever known me k...

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