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Editorial: Drop the class

September 15, 2015

As we enter the 2016 election cycle, we can expect to be bombarded by attack ads and 24/7 media coverage of all major candidates. How can a relatively uninformed teenager sort through the political maneuvering, learn about politics and government, and decide whom to support?   Illinois lawmakers...

Editorial: In Defense of DuPage

May 18, 2015

Here’s a nice social experiment: the next time a friend or relative asks you where you’re going to college, tell them that you are going to the College of DuPage (COD). Don’t treat it like it’s a joke. Watch their reaction. Hopefully, they greet this newfound news with a great smile, a hug and...

Editorial: Burning down the PARCC

April 13, 2015

The infamous behemoth that is the Common Core is now serving up a new recipe for disaster and dissatisfaction in the hearts of Illinois student test takers. The PARCC test, a supposedly “new and improved” exam, will replace the despised ISAT test this year. Although its intentions are good, the unsettling...

Editorial: Deep Freeze

April 10, 2015

As of Jan. 15, 2015, the University of Illinois board of trustees voted to freeze undergraduate tuition for the next four years at their present rates for the 2014-2015 school years. The tuition freeze comes as part of an effort to increase the number of Illinois residents attending U of I. While nine...

Editorial: One for one is for all

March 4, 2015

Over time, every major industry and institution has shifted away from using paper. Businesses share information and forms over email, newspapers have shifted their content to a digital realm and even book stores have begun to offer less books, and more e-readers. So why then, do high schools stand pat,...

Editorial: Cash flow too low

January 29, 2015

In statewide debate, increasing the rates of minimum wage within Illinois has been the forefront of economic strategies sought out to help improve the lives of those supported by low-wage incomes. It would stimulate growth by injecting more money into a struggling economy that does not provide the working...

Editorial: Breaking down party lines

January 29, 2015

Ideally, the United States would have a bipartisan government that operates in the interests of the people; however, the current situation in Congress tells a different story. Legislators tie up important bills in petty arguments over party policy, and not enough gets done. Members of Congress operate...

Staff Editorial: Hall for All

December 1, 2014

Think back to a time in the recent past (or last night) when you didn’t finish a homework assignment the night before it was due, so you were frantically trying to finish it during class, and then all of the sudden you were missing material and trying to catch up. Let’s be honest, we’ve all be...

Staff Editorial: Talkin’ Bout my Generation

December 1, 2014

Modern culture would like you to think that this generation, the one that all LT students are currently part of, is the laziest, most entitled and least academically intelligent generation the U.S. has ever known. Statistics could show you that attention spans are on the decline; test scores are behind...

Staff Editorial: Teaching Democracy

October 21, 2014

It doesn’t take a political science major to realize that the contemporary form of democracy in the United States hasn’t exactly maintained the grandeur it began with. It’s hard to miss the obvious signs of stagnation within our government: almost daily updates on the trials of fraudulent officials,...

Staff Editorial: Breaking Rank

October 21, 2014

Recently, LT published its testing results for assessments such as the ACT, SAT and AP tests; and by all standards, LT was above average. ACT scores were higher than ever, despite the fact that students with special situations were included in the overall score. The amount of students taking and succeeding...

Staff Editorial: Study Hall Lockdown

Lion Staff

October 9, 2014

Last Friday, Oct. 3, the usual laid back rules of North Campus study hall were stripped away from all seven periods. On Thursday, someone vandalized a desk and then stupidly put it on the popular app Street Chat. With the administration monitoring the anonymous picture app, the period after the pictur...

Staff Editorial: Feud with Ferguson


September 29, 2014

The world may never know the exact consequences that led 18-year old Michael Brown to be shot dead on Aug. 9, but we do know a few things: he was unarmed, the responsible police officer was white, and he sustained six bullet wounds, one of which was at the top of his head. The shooting has ignited...

Staff Editorial: Reliable Information on Social Media Vital to Society

September 10, 2014

In this day and age, articles railing against social media are completely obsolete. The benefits of a user-friendly communication network that spans the globe are so abundant and obvious that any argument in opposition to social media is laughably old-fashioned. While it is virtually impossible to...

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